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Accurate Plating a Company that performs
quality metal plating specializing in zinc

Accurate plating was estableshed in 1950 by Don Orr.

   In the beginning, the company worked under unorthodox conditions utilizing a mix-match of various wooden baths and a few steel tanks in which our customer’s parts were electroplated. With the coming of the environmental conscious society came the need for chemical process changes. We were among the first to convert from cyanide base chemicals for our plating baths.

   Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, service and quick turn-around in the past seventy years has earned us a reputation that is unsurpassed as one you can count on. The service life of Zinc Coating is a function of its thickness and the type of environment to which it is exposed.

   While the conditions of exposure and uses of electroplated metal are so varied that it is not possible to predict the life of the articles protected by a coating of a given thickness, those using Zinc Coating can draw on the result of corrosion test carried out over the years. The following data based on worldwide testing, may be used to compare the behavior of electrodeposited coating of Zinc in various atmospheres

The Values are only relative, since studies in various parts of the world
have results in figures, which vary widely in these averages.

Quality Policy:
Accurate plating company is dedicated and committed to providing superior quality plating services that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations on a consistent basis. This is the basis of our quality Management system. This management system has been implemented and communicated to all of our employees. Monitoring methods had been installed to track and maintain this policy. 

To meet our commitment we will:
quick and timely responses to our customer’s needs.
ENSURE> All employees understand and follow the quality guidelines that have been established and implemented.
WORK>  Toward providing a more efficient method of controlling our internal procedures and processes to eliminate waste and reduce costs while maintaining and producing  quality finish on our customer's parts.

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