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2015 Latino Business 

The Los Angeles Business Joumal is proud to announce the 2015 Latino Business Awards. As we celebrate the 6th annual awards, we will recognize businesses within the Latino community who are setting the example for Excellence throughout Los Angeles. We invite you to nominate a client, a vendor or even your own organization for consideration of this award.


COMING to the United States from Mexico at the young age of 16, Rigo Rodriguez took a job as a laborer at Accurate Plating, a company that performs quality metal plating, specializing in zinc. Quickly showing his work ethic and acumen, he was promoted often, moving from laborer to shipping/ receiving then to plating and on to foreman and then to general manager of the plant in just 15 years.

His work ethic was accompanied by a thirst for knowledge and Rodriguez took ESL classes, completing his high school degree at night. He continued to take college classes at East LA College and attend various trade schools to learn everything he could about the plating business.

It was obvious to the company’s owners that Rodriguez was a dedicated and essential employee and in 2004, they awarded him 5% ownership of the company. Five years later, he became Vice President, and in 2013, he not only ascended to President, but he was also able to start the purchase of the remainder of the company, which he will complete (and have 100% ownership) in late 2015.

By working his way through the ranks and touching every aspect of the business, Rodriguez knew exactly how to take Accurate Plating to the next level. He knew two things were key to the successful future of Accurate Plating - focusing on service, empowering the employees and making the company more efficient and green.

The changes instituted by Rodriguez have had a dramatic impact on the company. Under his stewardship, the company has decreased water usage by 30% while increasing production. The company also hired a full time chemist consultant to develop more environmentally friendly ways to plate.

Things continue to look bright for the company, which has grown revenues by more than 25%, since Rodriguez took over, crossing the $2 million threshold for the first time in 2013.

Accurate Plating Company is dedicated and committed to providing superior quality plating service to our customers.
We are so proud to be named one of the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2015 Latino Business Awards Business of the Year
Congratulations to all of this year’s finalists and award recipients for all you do to inspire the Latino business community.

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