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Automatic barrel Plating 
Capacity: 16" Dia X 36" Length 
Rack Plating 
Capacity: Tanks are 3FT. X 4FT. 12 FT
Open 7:00AM to 5:00 PM., Monday Through Friday


Zinc Clear ll$0.28$70.00
Zinc Yellow ll$0.30$80.00
Olive Drab ll$0.40$80.00
Zinc Black ll$0.35$80.00
Z\Green & Red Dye$1.20$120.00
Cooper (Tin)$0.70$80.00
Super Seal$0.15$45.00
Bright (Tin)$0.78$90.00
Brass Reg$1.05$130.00
Brass S.S$1.30$130.00
Bright Dip$0.40$70.00
Strip & Re-Plate$0.10$10.00
Strip Only$0.15$35.00
Strip & Oil$0.25$55.00
Bake (4-5 hrs or less)$0.15$55.00
Bake 23Hr$0.25$135.00
















Please Add a 10% EPA Charge PER ORDER. 

Zinc Clear, Blue, Yellow and Black Can be ROHS
Please Add $0 .10 Cents per pound price or $10.00 Per lot Charge.
Pickup And Delivery Fee: $45.00 (Waived On Orders Above $250.00)
We are here to serve you, because if we don't Somebody else will.
Finance Department
We Offer 2% 10, Net 11 Credit Basis When Approved. All Invoices Include a 10% EPA Charge.
Quality Control
A fully equipped laboratory is operated by trained personnel to constantly monitor our plating solutions and keep them within proper operation ranges. Our QC inspection department has all the measurement and inspection equipment necessary to insure a quality product within governmental specification.
Waste Treatment
A Computer Controlled Waste Treatment Facility Extracts Hazardous Materials From The Process Waste Streams. This Plant Assures Our Continued Compliance To EPA Regulations, Monitors and Records Our Output to the City Sewer System.
Automatic barrel Plating & Rack Plating
Open 7:00AM to 10:00 PM
Monday Through Friday,
Except Holidays And Lunch. 
Shipping Pick-up And Delivery Service Available 
For Los Angeles, Orange And San Bernardino Counties


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